The field of multimedia and network is two fields which develops most advanced and has become the main necessity for now and in the future.

Multimedia leads to the phenomenon of digital convergence. Multimedia data (text, voice, images, video, and document) can interact, transmitted, played, exchanged and shared. The field of network develops to support changes from computing static to mobile computing, and from personal computing to ubiquitous computing. Clear evidence today is the increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and 3D television. Besides that, multimedia also underlies the development of multimedia technology game (Game Technology) is currently in great demand for the purposes of entertainment, education, advertising, and a cinematograph.

The need for college graduates that have competence in the field of multimedia and networking at this time is still very high, so the potential market this is to be filled out by graduates of Multimedia and Network Engineering ( TMJ ). We offer college course that can give competence in the field of multimedia and networking, at once emphasizing increase soft skill so TMJ graduates can fulfill the industry company, and be a formidable entrepreneur in the world of work.


Air-conditioned lecture rooms, high-speed internet access, library, canteen, sports and arts facilities, Multimedia and Networks Laboratory, Telematics Laboratory, Digital Informatics Laboratory, Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Humanoid Robot, Industrial Robot, Mobile Robot Vision, Motion Capture.


For those who are less capable or achievers academically, there are various scholarships to attend education in our area such as Aim Scholarship Program Mission (Kemdikbud), Ikatan Alumni (IKA), the Industry and Enterprise.

Prosedur Penerimaan

For the academic year 2013/2014, Technical Studies of Multimedia and Network ITS accepts new students through three pathways: 1. Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SNMPTN) is the lane invitation that takes into account report, achievement and national examination 2. Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SBMPTN) is the lane a written examination 3. Program Kemitraan dan Mandiri (PKM).


Socialization TMJ ITS

Februari 2013